Join us every Saturday and Sunday at the Gabriel Archer Tavern’s outside Wine & Brine Lounge to taste some of the Chesapeake Bay’s finest oysters along with other fresh seafood.  

Every Saturday from 12 PM to 3 PM a Virginia oysterwoman and/or oysterman will be on-site serving their delicious oysters.  Hear from the hardworking women and men who farm their world-class bivalves while you enjoy a glass of Virginia wine overlooking the vineyards at The Williamsburg Winery.

2019 Wine and Brine Hours and Dates*

Hours (weekend only):
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM


13th: York River Oysters
20th: Cappahosic Oyster Company  
27th: Big Island Aquaculture

11th: York River Oysters
18th:  Cappahosic Oyster Company  
25th: York River Oysters

1st: York River Oysters
8th: York River Oysters
15th: Cappahosic Oyster Company  
29th: Cappahosic Oyster Company

*Schedule subject to change  


The full Gabriel Archer Tavern menu is now available at the Wine & Brine Lounge!

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Virginia is for Oyster Lovers! 

Known as the oyster capital of the East Coast – with eight distinct oyster regions – the Commonwealth is the largest producer of fresh, farm-raised oysters in the country.*

In late 2015, the visitor-directed experiential “journey of discovery” program, the Virginia Oyster Trail, was launched in order to provide a culinary map of Virginia’s eight oyster regions and describe the rich history and culture of Virginia’s watermen.


​The Williamsburg Winery is a proud member of the Virginia Oyster Trail.