2021 Petite Fleur


75% Vidal Blanc, 25% Muscat

A great balance between the floral nuances of jasmine, honeysuckle, and rose’s along with the vibrant orange, plum, white peach, apricot, and a touch of tropical fruit.  The fruit and floral layers are integrated with the caramel/butterscotch, vanilla, and honey notes.  The finish is a mélange of fresh fruits and flowers all wrapped in a layer of honey.  The balance between the residual sugar, bright lemon and all the different nuances makes for a wonderfully complex wine.

Jamestown Cellars Settlers' Spiced Wine


A grape wine base, with added cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, and allspice

Using a red wine base and infusing a carefully balanced blend of spices, the wine comes through with dark fruit and berries. On top of the fruit is a predominant cinnamon and clove character followed by a myriad of fruit and spice combinations, to include an anise note. This is a delightfully fun wine that can accommodate many occasions. Serve warm in a mug and add a stick of cinnamon for garnish, or try it iced with a slice of citrus fruit or a mint sprig.

– Matthew Meyer, Winemaker

Warm Spiced Wine Recipe

Vin Licoreux de Framboise - Wine with Raspberry


A blend of barrel aged and stainless steel red wine and raspberry

This Raspberry Wine is a blend of raspberry and red wine.  The red grape wine is comprised predominately of Merlot.  Ultimately the raspberry character is the most forward with the red grape wine following on the back palette.  The combination of both flavor profiles offers a nice balance of the different fruits and their particular nuances they each share.

This is a very pleasant dessert wine which will go with many desserts but I would strongly recommend a rich cheesecake with fresh berries or anything with the word chocolate in it.

2020 Petite Fleur Limited Release Aged in Cognac Barrels (375 ml)


100% Vidal Blanc

The Limited Release Petite Fleur is very similar to its sibling with the luscious orange, nectarine and peach notes, along with honeysuckle, wildflowers, citrus and honey.  The perfumed elements are bit softer, but the sweetness and vanilla and caramel character of the cognac barrels starts to shine through more. Ultimately the Cognac essence has just the right amount of impact without being overbearing. The finish is extremely well balanced with orange and citrus with a touch of the Cognac rounding out the sweetness making for a wonderful balance and mouthfeel.  I am very pleased with this wine and feel all the elements have come together very pleasantly.