Careers at Wessex Hundred

At Wessex Hundred, gracious hospitality defines the style of service and timeless, natural beauty, the sense of place. A rich company culture inspires staff to achieve the highest service standards in hospitality. Join the Wessex Hundred team and experience the pride and teamwork of working alongside a dedicated team of professionals in a truly beautiful setting.

Wessex Hundred offers a wide array of career opportunities which allow staff members the unique ability to grow professionally across many different departments in all areas of hospitality.

Open Positions

  • Kitchen Line Cooks

  • Tour & Tasting Guide

  • Servers for both Café Provencal & Gabriel Archers Tavern

  • Bartenders

  • Banquet & Special Events

  • Housekeeper

What our staff say...

My experience as a part of the Wessex Hundred Team has been quite the whirlwind. When I graduated from college with a degree in Hospitality Management and an interest in Food and Beverage and Events, working at a Winery was my main goal. I had taken classes that focused on the production of wine and it always fascinated me. I grew up in the Williamsburg, Virginia area and had heard of the Williamsburg Winery, but had never actually been to the property. When I began job searching I found a posting online to work at the Gabriel Archer Tavern, the lunch restaurant at the Winery. I was offered a position as a server at the Tavern, and I fell in love with my job immediately. I was working with new and exciting people that made me feel like I was right at home. I loved the clientele that the restaurant brought in. From locals who had never heard of the property, to tourists looking for new foods and wine to try, and of course, our regulars. I worked at the Gabriel Archer Tavern extending my knowledge of the property, food and beverage as a whole, and myself for a little over a year.


When I was offered a position as the Wedding Coordinator of the Williamsburg Winery I was so excited about this new opportunity. This was my dream job that I wanted out of college and I was lucky enough to be recognized in what I could offer in this position. Since joining the Events Department I have learned more than I would have ever expected. It has made me realize even more than I thought before, that is in fact the perfect fit for me. Being a part of the Wessex Hundred Team would be a great fit for anyone with a passion to work with people, and serve guests in such a unique and rewarding experience. Our Events staff is always growing and we are always looking for that next smiling face. I would encourage anyone with a desire to learn, work hard, and have fun to consider learning more about joining The Wessex Hundred Team!

–Courtney Schultz