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Aquitaine Suite, Room #10

Features Include:

  • Open hearth wood-burning fireplace (availability of fire is based on season and temperature)
  • King-size bed
  • Separate oversized whirlpool tub and shower

Aquitaine, the Southwestern-most region of France, was the last of the feudal duchies to be added to the kingdom of France. Conveyed to England in 1152 by the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henry II, it was finally returned to France in 1453 at the close of the Hundred Years War. However, it is of particular interest today because it includes Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine-producing region.

The Aquitaine suite features a large sitting room with pale blue-gray walls and a sun-ray gilded mirror over the fireplace, as well as a large painting of the French countryside. Furnishings include a game table, a large desk, a sofa and a coffee table, all chosen for personal relaxation or for use as a private meeting space. Yet, it is the extraordinary mural by Richmond artist Lainie Gratz that captures the eye. The 8-by-10-foot work was inspired by a painting by Titian. It depicts the Greek legend of Bacchus, the god of wine, falling in love at first sight with Ariadne, the abandoned lover of Theseus. The bedroom, with its yellow walls, white trim and blue drapes is neatly furnished in traditional French pieces reflecting XIX Century style.

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